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Wheel hub Servo motor

Servo control
Direct drive
Wide speed range
1024 PPR Incremental encoder
High efficiency product design
RS485,RS232,CAN communication
Two motors be controlled meantime
6.5 Inch and 8.0 Inch wheel option
Used for walking/service robot and AGV


Model Voltage
Rated Current Rated Torque Min Rated Power No-load Speed Max. Torque  Pole pairs Encoder Res.
(A) (Nm) (W) (rpm) (Nm)   PPR
LE165/200VS 48 8 5 300 330 15 15 1024


  Item Unit Description Notes
  Power Supply   VDC 18-60  
Control Character Control Mode   SVPWM, Close loop VC  
Speed Control Accuracy rpm ±1  
Electronic Gear   (1~9999)/(1~9999)  
Position Control Accuracy pulse ±1  
Brake Mode   Renewable energy consumption braking  
Overload Capacity   Double actual current for 15S  
I/O Port Digital Input   8-way optocoupler isolates  
Digital Output   4-way optocoupler isolates output, OC  
Analog Input   2-way,-10V~+10V,  
Encoder Input   Ecremental encoder  
Pulse Input   6 kind of pulses positive-negative logic  
Communication   RS232,RS485, CAN,Modbus, Canopen  
Operation Ambient Operation Ambient Temperature °C 0-40  
Operation Ambient Humidity   95% Max. No water drops or rain
Vibration   Frequence20Hz: 9.8m/s²20HzFrequence50Hz: 2m/s²  
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