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Sorter Servo Roller

External rotor
Direct drive
Quick response
Servo control
Inductive encoder
Wide speed range
Roller length to be customized


Specification Voltage
Rated Power Max.Torque Speed Range Linear Speed Range Max. Current Encoder Res. Max. sorting Weight Work Duty
(W) (Nm) (rpm) (m/s) (A) PPR (Kg)
RE050VS100 48 300 4.5 300-800 0.8-2.1 10 2500 25 S2
RE067VS100 48 400 15 300-800 1-2.8 25 2500 45 S2



Item Parameter Notes
Power Supply   48±5%  
Rated Current 10  
Peak Current 25  
Rated Power 400  
Speed Range 300-800  
Speed Conrol Communication   
Speed Feedback Hall Sensor+ Encoder(Diff. AqB) 2500PPR
Communication RS485  
Input Port Run/Stop, CW/CCW, Sensor  
Input Signal NPN,5mA  
Work Duty S2-25% Based on ambient temperature
Operation Ambient Temperature 0-40  
Operation Ambient Humidity 85% Max. No water drops or rain
Vibration Frequence20Hz: 9.8m/s²; 20HzFrequence50Hz: 2m/s²  
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