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Reliable Scooter Brushless Motor

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4pole with 3phase winding.
Continuous Torque from 0.14 to 0.48N.m
Speed up to 6000rpm, High Dynamic performance
Hall effect commutation (120o), very low cogging torque
Ins. Class B, higher insulation and protection optional
Flange Mounting According to IEC 34-7
NEMA 23 flang available

  According to the working principle of Brushless dc Motor, designed a PIC16F737 single-chip microcomputer as control core of Scooter Brushless Motor with Brushless dc Motor control system, and gives the detailed hardware circuit and software design method of the system has realized the electric motorcycle constant speed and speed of two kinds of working mode choice.Experiments proved that the design scheme of system control precision, the application of brushless dc motor in other areas have certain help and reference.
  Brushless DC Motor(Brushless DC Motor BLDCM) is the new power electronic devices and the development of permanent magnetic material and mature of a new type of Motor, it belongs to the category of the synchronous Motor, and has the advantages of ac Motor reliable operation, but also has the traditional Brushless DC Motor has excellent performance of speed adjustment, therefore has wide application prospect.

Scooter Brushless Motor

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