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What are the properties of a stepper motor?

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Stepper motors have the following advantages:

Precise step-by-step positioning without an external linear encoder (open loop)
Digital control pulses for speed and position
Speed is proportional to the input frequency
Step errors (<5%) are not cumulative (equivalent to +/-0.09 and 0.045° relative to 1.8° and 0.9°)
High torque even at low speeds (unlike in BLDC motors, gears can often be omitted)
Simple and economical control electronics
The high degree of stiffness enables the rotor to remain in its holding position without requiring a brake. In addition, in stepper motors there is no hunting around the motor axis while the motor is in its zero position, which often leads to problems in servo motors.
Excellent acceleration
Maximum power density at low to medium speeds
Can block without causing damage to the windings
Long life span (because the motor is brushless, the service life depends entirely on the bearings)

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