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How is a stepper motor structured?

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Stepper motors are synchronous motors. A stepper motor consists of a magnetic rotor and multiple offset stator windings. To generate a magnetic field, a current flows through the coils. A change in the direction of flow changes the polarity of the induced magnetic field. If this occurs in a specific sequence, the result is a rotating stator field that the toothed permanent magnet of the rotor follows. Thus, the electrical pulses determine the speed of the rotating magnetic field and the rotor converts these pulses to a mechanical rotary movement with a defined step angle. The rotor of the motor is mounted in ball bearings on both sides of the motor. Because it contains neither commutators nor slip rings, the life span of the motor depends only on the load on the ball bearings. Our motors have an L10h service life of approx. 20,000 operating hours when operated at the rated loads (see data sheet).

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