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Is additional rotation monitoring required when stepper motors are used?

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If a stepper motor is correctly dimensioned, it constitutes an absolutely reliable drive element. When stepper motors are overloaded, however, the assignment to the setpoint position is permanently lost. This behavior is described as "step offset" and is a disadvantage of stepper motors because the out-of-position cannot be detected due to the open control chain.

An additional measuring system with an encoder compares the measured actual position and the required setpoint. Any deviations are detected and corrected by a subsequent control process.

Nanotec offers extremely economical and high-resolution encoders for speed monitoring. The incremental 2-channel and 3-channel encoders offer a low-priced solution with long-term functional reliability and high measuring accuracy. The encoders are available with a small design, low masses and a high resolution. They are suitable for a wide temperature range and are resistant to vibration accelerations. For later attachment, all motors with a second shaft end already have appropriate mounting holes on the rear panel cover.

Speed monitoring with automatic correction is already integrated in the Plug & Drive motors.

The stepper motor drives of the SMCI series have an encoder input and can evaluate a 5V TTL signal.

If a direct measuring system is installed on the machine, errors and non-linearities of the mechanism are also balanced within the context of the measuring accuracy.

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