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Scooter Brushless Motor Motor Control System

Date:2016-9-18 click:2180times

According to the working principle of the brushless DC motor, a design with PIC16F737 microcontroller to control the core of the electric "Scooter Brushless Motor" motor control system, the system gives a detailed hardware and software design methods to achieve a constant speed electric motorcycle speed and select two modes. Experiments show that the accuracy of the control system design of the brushless DC motor applications in other fields of some help and reference. Brushless DC Motor (Brushless DC Motor, BLDCM) with the development of new power electronics and permanent magnet materials and matured a new motor, it belongs to the category of the synchronous motor, AC motor has both the advantages of reliable operation, and traditional brushed DC motor superior speed performance, so it has broad application prospects.

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