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The history of High Speed DC Brushless Motor bearing

Date:2016-9-18 click:1663times

On a Roman ship found in Italy nano Lake found early "High Speed DC Brushless Motor" ball bearings instance. The wooden ball bearings are used to support the rotating table. The ship was built in 40 BC. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci around 1500 had been to one ball bearing is described. Various factors immature ball bearings, there is a very important point is that the collision will occur between the ball, causing additional friction. But we can put the ball in a small cage to prevent this phenomenon. 17th century, Galileo the "fixed ball" or "basket ball" ball bearing did the first description. But then for a long time, has not been achieved bearings installed on the machine. The first patent on the ball channel is Carmarthen Philip Vaughan in 1794 obtained.

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