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Industrial Gear Motor external rotor magnet

Date:2016/9/12 click:832times

"Industrial Gear Motor" two kinds of nylon and metal! The following general 350W motor with the nylon gear, a large motor with a metal gear. You ask to sell parts to know how many, I some time ago to repair a car, to see the outside electrical written patented products, heart thumped, opened the world's really only a handful of people who can get this gear, anyway, I was not a whole! Too many tricks, but most said that the previous two! A magnet external rotor three-phase AC servo motor, the general three-phase AC servo motor rotor is magnetic rare earth magnets built-in, except that the servo motor is a position and angle encoder speed feedback to precisely control speed and torque, while the tilt angle of the wheelbarrow is estimated by gyroscope converted into the required output power to precisely control the speed and torque.

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