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Industrial Gear Motor brushless direct drive motor structure

Date:2016-9-18 click:1838times

"Industrial Gear Motor" Based on our experience and understanding can know, the structure of the brushless direct drive motor wheelbarrow current speed limit speed by no means, as long as you need, several thousand rpm acceleration and deceleration speed is very smooth, which is a servo motor features, multiplied by the outer diameter of the tire folded out speed can be imagined, the brushless direct-drive motor torque and manifested ratio gear motor soft reaction is also not a problem of the motor problem, but manufacturers in reducing energy consumption extended endurance and comfort considerations out of tune, because we have a servo motor servo debugging problems rigidity and ramp time, we transfer large servo rigidity to reduce deceleration time, reflected the effect is particularly strong, rigid start and stop the reaction fast, you can even feel the powerful sound obvious motor stops and starts, but the motor current will be significantly larger, that is, energy consumption, if transfer of small servo rigidity, deceleration time (the acceleration and deceleration time is milliseconds) tune long, then obviously you can feel relatively soft motor with the load, start and stop are relatively soft.

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