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Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor distributed winding and a permanent magnet rotor

Date:2016-9-12 click:1668times

"Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor" Generally speaking, the permanent magnet synchronous motor having a stator and a permanent magnet rotor three-phase distributed winding, winding on the magnetic structure and distribution guarantees sinusoidal waveform induced electromotive force, plus the stator voltage and current should also be sinusoidal , usually by AC variable voltage variable frequency available. Permanent magnet synchronous motor control system often used self-control, also you need to position feedback information, vector control (FOC) or direct torque control of advanced control strategies. Difference between the two can be considered different square wave and sine wave control lead to the design concept. Finally, a correct concept, "DC inverter" is actually AC variable frequency, but the control object is usually referred to as "brushless DC motor".

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